A week with the Google Pixel 2 XL

Last week I finally upgraded from my 4 and half year old iPhone 5, and bought a Google Pixel 2 XL. It's quite the phone! After being an iPhone user for the best part of 9 years, I decided to make the switch over to Android. A good 5-6 years back, I was a bit of an Apple fan boy. Now, not so much.

One of the key selling points for me was the camera. Every YouTube review I watched mentioned how good the 12.2MP, dual-pixel autofocus camera is. I have invested a lot of money on my DSLR gear - which isn't going anywhere anytime soon, I just wanted a good camera that fits in my pocket - and after using this phone for a week, I'm very impressed. The Portrait mode is very, very good in my opinion. Once you select this mode form the menu, the device captures 2 images and renders one of them with a shallow depth of field.

Here are a bunch of random photos I've taken with the Pixel 2 XL whilst out and about in Berlin over the past 7 days. None of these have been edited.

Konzerthaus Berlin

The Barn Coffee Roasters




Mikkeller Bar

Me (Shot using Portrait Mode)

Risa - Really good fried chicken! (Shot using Portrait mode)

Emma (Shot using Portrait mode)

Tote bag close-up

River Spree

Selfie (Regular, left) - (Portrait mode, right)