During my time at Songkick I was an active member of the product team working across all of the company's user facing products. The majority of my work was carried out on the flagship application, Songkick.com.

Working between UX and development teams, I was able to take a design from its conceptual stage, right through to being production ready. Every component I designed started life as an experiment, and with the daily traffic to Songkick.com being very high, we could get results very quickly, iterate on the design and test again: a process we would repeat until all goals were met, whether it were number of tickets sold, or the amount of clicks through to an event page.

By adopting atomic design principles, I created a library of reusable components which were used when building full pages across Songkick.com. I was responsible for maintaining the look of all frontend components, and would often fix frontend bugs myself. Over time I built up a good working knowledge of the ruby framework, and would often create working prototypes of new design concepts ready for user testing. 

Ship early, ship often.

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Design. Build. Ship. Learn. Iterate. (Repeat)

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skweb - artist page components.jpg